Cómo se hace el kebab: Un Negocio Rentable

Cómo se hace el kebab: Un Negocio Rentable

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Negocio de Kebab: uno de los mas rentables de estos últimos años, si usted desea emprender un negocio, pues este es uno que esta en pleno auge en parte de Latinoamerica y España.


Jicho la mke mwenza / Egg tuna kebab

Jicho la mke mwenza / Egg tuna kebab

🔷3 eggs… boiled and peeled – Mayai 3 ya kuchemsha
🔷1 can tuna – Samaki kibati 1 au wa kawaida kikombe 1
🔷Red or green pepper – Hoho kiasi
🔷Grated carrot – Keroti kiasi ipare
🔷1 tsp cumin powder – Uzile kjk 1 kidogo
🔷1 tsp black pepper – Pilipili manga kjk kidogo
🔷1 Maggi cube – Kidonge cha supu 1
🔷1 tbsp lime/lemon juice – Limau au ndimu

🔷1 egg + 1 tsp plain flour (for coating)
Yai 1 na unga kjk kidogo kwa kuzungushia
🔷Oil for deep frying – Mafuta ya kuchomea
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Homemade BBQ ?  The Chefclub Kebab ? Hamburger Toasts ? It's Officially Barbeque Season!

Homemade BBQ ? The Chefclub Kebab ? Hamburger Toasts ? It's Officially Barbeque Season!

This summer, take your BBQ skills to the next level with these over-the-top barbeque recipes straight from the Chefclub test kitchen. If you’re looking to make a cheeseburger, take it up a notch with our Cheeseburger Toasts or turn your grill into a meat paradise with our giant steak recipe. This food playlist has everything you need for endless, and delicious, summer fun.

XXL Steak 0:00
Improvised Barbeque Party 1:20
DIY Cheeseburger Dog 3:19
Hamburger Toasts 4:50
Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf Lollipops 6:10
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Homemade BBQ ? The Chefclub Kebab ? Hamburger Toasts ? It’s Officially Barbeque Season!


✔ Minecraft: How to make a Kebab Shop

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Kebab Shop

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